Home time

It’s not that I forgot all about my blog! It’s just that this week has been odd and eventful. After my travel (Monday and Tuesday) I got back home with a nasty virus that kept me in bed and feeling too sick to go online.
Anyway, today I felt a bit better but took the day off to relax a bit and I was in the mood to work on my land!

My piece of mainland is a nice parcel, although it’s shape is quite challenging. It is pretty steep from the Linden Road to the Linden Ocean and the ground texture is rocky with some sort of toxic moss – I’ve seen nicer ground..but oh well!

First thing I did was going to La Galleria to get a new house! I had looked and drooling over the Blue Ridge Cabin for some time and today was the moment to get it. Emptied my land completely and flattened it a bit more to fit the cabin.
Rezzing and moving it was extremely easy, and with some moving back and forth and turning it in all directions I came to the conclusion I had to make some changes on the house to make a perfect fit – as I wanted the porch to face the ocean.
This took me some hours, I am not a very good builder and was afraid to completely ruin the cabin, but surprise: all went to plan, I successfully moved the porch from the side to the front! Yay!

As seen from the ocean, the house is ready!
Porch with ocean view

Next was the interior! The cabin comes as a two room version, divided by wall. There is only one floor, so no messing about with floors I never use :). I removed one wall in the back and created a bigger space (I like to have some space to move around without bumping into walls, stuff or loose my camera somewhere in a cupboard, oh and I do not like to click on several doors in my house to go from one room to another…..), then used the removed wall to shut one front door at the side of the house where one would walk into the rocks of the neighbour and finally: decorated it with my furniture from What Next.

One large room! Well, almost!
Lounge with fireplace
Second lounge, with books and ....stuffs

After all this, I left it for now and went into the garden to see what I could do about the toxic rocks!
My neighbours mostly have palm trees and go for tropical tiki. Since this does not suit my cabin, and I am not so into the tropics anyway, I planted pine trees, grass and shrubs to make it green and lush and cover up the ground a bit. I even had some prims left to place a little mini cabin near the road, as a sort of Guesthouse, just for the fun of it.

(the palm-tree is from my neighbour, but does not bother me).

I had a lovely day, it was good to fiddle around….must remember to do this more often!

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  1. Pep says:

    Hmmm, a Guesthouse in the grounds. I seem to remember Jig saying that she had one in real life to which she would despatch bed partners when she had finished with them . . .

    Pep (is sure you are going to use it as a different sort of doghouse though)

    PS Do you have a watch/guard-dog as a pet?
    PPS A single attractive woman living alone should have one.
    PPPS To make sure any men you capture can’t escape!

  2. Venus says:

    Caity! I love what you have done with your new home! I have the Rosebud Cottage which is kind of like your Blue Ridge Cabin’s sister. I have modified only one type of home (a Barnsworth Anubis) but I had not gotten the guts to make mods to Pam’s lovely build. You have inspired me to make one small change today.
    I, too,use the cottage as two large rooms. I like the walls, though, because I can put stuff up on them.
    Great blog!

  3. Thanks! :))

    Sylvia & Venus: I was a bit nervous to modify the house….but I read Pam’s notecard carefully and never touched or editted the ‘mega-prims’, so that was less dangerous. I admit: unlinking the whole building in order to remove a wall was a bit ….ewwww…but after that: no big deal. I even linked it all back!
    Oh Venus, the missing wall for stuffs? I solved that by replacing one frontdoor for that piece of wall, in my case that was the best option since that frontdoor opened in the rocks anyway :).

    Pep: me capturing a man? I must do something wrong…..I never managed to…:p

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