Kuru Kuru World – by Mikati Slade

Boxing Day and I woke up this morning , exploring an amazing art installation on MiC – Kuru Kuru World by Mikati Slade. As the short decription says: a future Pop Art Exhibition. It is bright, it is pink, it moves and it is absolutely worth a visit!

The entrance on MiC
One of the many hallways and tunnels :)
Pic taken from 200 m distance

I have used the advised windlightsetting [TOR] Midnight – Anwar, and pumped up the graphics quite a bit.

The photo’s in this post are not processed in photoshop!


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  1. Mikati Slade says:

    Thank you very much for featuring my exhibition on your great blog, Caitlin! I am really happy!

    1. Oh thanks and you are welcome :) I really enjoyed your art installation!

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