Dinner party!

This week of the year is overloaded with food, dinner parties and festivities – not only in RL but for me this year particularly in Second Life. When hopping around in between my sailing adventures…I ran into the dinner party set at La Galleria (where I also bought my cabin) and I just needed to have it!
It is not usually my style of furniture, this classic look, but I fell for the textures and the colours which fit my cabin perfectly for the holidays!
Also, the table serves food! Whoa! Well, not only the table, the set come with a side-table and a buffetmenu that also serve treats! Ideal!

The seats have a menu for different fabrics and colours, and after playing with them I went for the Brocade.

Oh, note: the set is mesh, so you need a mesh enabled viewer to see it!

I could not resist showing my new dinnerset off while wearing the gorgeous dress Derek sent me for Christmas :). My Christmas tree is a piece of art, I got it as a Christmas present from the talented artist Rebeca Bashly, who made it.
(Yes, I feel spoiled…)


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  1. Venus says:

    Pam does such wonderful work. Her textures are superb! I love your photos.

  2. Lovely!! Everything is perfect <3 What not blonde for Christmas? ;-)

    1. Thanks Lee, and oopsie…your comment was caught by the spamfilter, I did not see it earlier!!!

  3. Thanks girls :)
    Pam’s mesh-furniture is amazing!

    @argus: CaC = Crimes Againsts Convention, a groupname :) And I am still a blonde, but thought the black hair was a nice match with the dress – wish one could change so easily in RL too!!

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