A New Year, A New You!

Last night when I logged in to the SL Forum, I saw to my delight that LL had initiated a contest! W00T! It’s theme is: A New Year, A New You and you can participate by submitting an image that displays your avatar in a past and how you will look in 2012. Fun idea eh?
I went through the contest rules and started thinking about how to do this, as I was not exactly a noob in 2011 and…..let’s face it: I have a New Me almost every other day anyway! Heh!
After some thoughts and browsing through my inventory I decided the best way for me was to show my avatar in a pre-Mesh outfit (as being it the old me) and for 2012 I went for an almost complete Mesh dress up. Including Mesh Hair and Mesh Sunglasses.
You are not supposed to process the images in photoshop, other than fitting them together in one image, so I choose a bright windlightsetting and picked a pose (Adorkable) that made my outfits look good enough. Put them together and uploaded it, the endresult is here!

Now, there has been some controversy already about this whole contest, as there is money to win. The photo that gets most Kudo’s will be the winner of 5K L$. The 3 runners up will get 1K LS. The thing is…there has been no announcement before the start of this contest and also the voting is opened simultaneously with the submitting. Ergo: with all the different timezones in the world and residents being all over the globe I saw a somewhat dissapointing issue: the moment I saw this contest, a lot of images had already been submitting and already received kudo’s. You can only give ONE kudo, so by opening voting so early, people that already voted do not have the chance to change their minds and even though I am not in the contest for the money: I have the very strong feeling I entered too late already!
Anyway, that was one…The other thing is that I saw an employee of Linden Lab already casted his vote to one of the photo’s. On day one of the contest, which last till 18 January. Whilst in the rules it is stated that in case of a tie, LL decides the winner. That would mean, in my book, LL employees should refrain from voting.
By the way, the vote in question is removed, but the sad part is that Wildcat decided to withdraw her photo because of this. She is not to blame at all, and I hope she will put it back!

Link to the contest rules and a link to the contest page for uploading!

As for my 2012 outfit, as mentioned it is all mesh..even the shoes that are not shown on the photo! So here a photo of the complete outfit, and  yes..this one is slightly processed in photoshop – the glasses and the hair had a mild conflict, so I brushed that away a bit :p

All Meshed Up!

Hair: Wasabi Pills (mesh)
Sunglasses: Leverocci (mesh)
Top: Celoe (mesh)
Pants: Celoe (mesh)
Boots: Lelutka (mesh)


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Venus says:

    Caity, your transformation epitomizes the change in dress happening in SL right now! I hope you had fun taking the photos for the contest. You look awesome!

    1. Heya, yes it was fun! I wanted to show the mesh-goodies I did not have in 2011, but will be a big part of my av in 2012. I am not sure if that shows as planned…hehe, as it may not have been an obvious make-over. But a nice challenge anyway!

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