The Muse Conservatory

Every now and again I run into something so great, so beautiful…that I simply have to go back to enjoy it some more. Easy in SL, just tp and immerse!

Earlier this week I discovered a building that took my breath away. Not even a house, or a castly, or a mansion….nope. A greenhouse. Or to be specific: The Muse Conservatory.

It’s for sale, by Muse Prefabs,  for L$1000 (limited time, it’s normally L$ 2000), but as I do not have the prims nor the space I did not buy it. I did however spend over an hour in and around it, because it is great for taking pics and experimenting with shadows and all :)



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  1. Ooooooo nice one, Caity! Looks like one we have in RL SF:)

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