LEA20 – Oberon Onmura’s “Wave Fields”

Being all drugged up in a final attempt to win the battle against my flu, I went to visit the “Wave Fields” by Oberon Onmura on one of the LEA sims.

The description by the artist: ‘an ever-changing landscape of cubes that create undulating waves of visual movement as they form, activate, and disintegrate’, pretty much covers it! It is a simwide sea of 1600 prims, moving and spinning…You can either watch from the side, or walk/fly through it or go up via the beam in the center and have a magnificent view!

As usual with art installations like this, pictures will not do it justice, you just have to go and experience this yourself!
I took the opportunity to play around with windlight and ended up with an artistic picture I really like. And no, maybe this does not really represent the artwork – but this picture is not processed in Photoshop, so yeah…I did see it like this (or was it the drugs after all?)

(the windlightsetting I used: [TOR] Special – Threshold, with graphics to ultra, draw distance 300m and shadows enabled)


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  1. I have fun there late one night and found it soothing with audio on:)

    1. Hi Argus, yeah I can imagine that. It has something…relaxed, just watching all those prims tumble and rolling like waves :)

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