Cheesecake, Kookie and LaViere

Nope, this blogpost is not about food! Cheesecake is a wonderful sim, filled with very funny and original decorations and stuff to pose on – like telephoneboots, boats and even a giraffe!

Tea time!

Besides the fact that this sim is worth a visit  to explore and have some fun, I also found two great shops, LaViere and Kookie Design.
LaViere is a huge building, very nicely done and has a modest (maybe for now?) but sweet collection of clothing. Kookie is more known, well to me, and I fell in love with their new boots!

Top from LaViere

Boots from Kookie

(I am wearing a tanktop from CoCo under the LaViere top, but that is not really needed – I just liked it better for today :))



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