Donna Flora

Lately I have started wearing some jewelry in SL, something I for all kinds of reasons (mostly the ARC count and scripts when fighting) never did. Such a shame really, since there are so many talented jewelry designers in Second Life and a lovely necklace, earrings or bracelet can certainly finish a look. Admitting,  I have yet to find the perfect bracelet, as Caity seems to have fat arms and besides having issues with some mesh tops this also goes for shiny stuffs! They just don’t fit or I have to make them so big they are getting ridiculous. No problem, I can live without them and enjoy necklaces and earrings!

One of my favourite creators is Squinternet Larnia from Donna Flora, who creates amazingly detailed pieces. Colourful or classic, she sells it all! I think I will be shopping there for some more soon….

Necklace and earrings (a set) - Maria by Donna Flora

For more blogposts on Donna Flora’s magnificent creations, see the A to Z for Donna Flora initiative on it’s only fashion.


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  1. Venus says:

    I am lovin that look! Donna Flora has some wonderful stuff. I call it classy with a twist. :)

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