Spirit – Artscreamer by Claudia222 Jewel

Saturday night I finally took the time to visit Claudia222 Jewel’s latest exhibition: Spirit Artscreamer. An amazing installation that has been covered by many bloggers and photographers in Second Life. And rightly so!

On the landing point you can pick up a free mesh avatar, completely in line with the sim, as to create a complete immersion.
I fell in love with this avatar as it is so incredible well made and so great for pics!

The art is amazing, you should really go see it – if you have not been there already. I enjoyed it for hours and took lots of pics, being so happy with the avatar, and had a lovely chat with Claudia – who told me it took her a whole month to build this!

To my delight my dear friend Venus showed up…giving us the opportunity to pose together!

Venus (L) and Caity (r)

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  1. Venus says:

    Hey! How sweet of you to include me in your blog post! I agree that the free avatar is incredible and really makes one feel like part of the ‘art’ all around! Great shots and who would not want to visit such an interesting place?

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