InWorldz – Argonath Castle

Oh my….a blogpost about an amazing place in InWorldz and not Second Life! No panic though, SL is still my number one Virtual World, but for this build that Sy pointed out, I make an exception!

Argonath Castle is what I am talking about. A castle made of so many prims, it would be impossible to create that in Second Life (in InWorldz you get more prims per sim – I do not know the numbers, but it’s probably somewhere on their site: – argh, linking won’t work as I post this!)

It is so huge, I could not get in on one photo………..I was in awe…..

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  1. Oh I will have to check this out. When hubby plays Sirens we are In InWorldZ

  2. colleen Criss says:

    I keep coming back to this post and realize I should try to recall my log in over there and go see this.

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