The Inspire dress by {Spright}

Last week I bought two versions of the new release by {Spright} at Cultureshock , the inspire dress. A lovely summerdress, mesh of course!. When trying them on at home I notice the textures would not load at all. Waited a bit, got coffee….but after 15 mins nothing…both dresses stayed all blurry! I teleported to sandboxes, other sims, relogged a couple of times, alas: two blurry dresses! Really strange as I have never had that before, usually textures eventually rezz.
At the same time I was having some other issues, voice not working, failing tp and inventory that takes forever to load, so I uninstalled my viewer and did a clean install.

Tried on the dresses again and gah……still this:


I gave up! All my other clothes rezz just fine, but not these two.

Then this morning I logged in, to find this message in my inbox from  Anyalia, the creator of the dresses:

[20:45] Anyalia Pearl: Hello :) I’m sending you an updated version of the {Spright} Inspire Dress(es).
There was a bug that affected the textures on the dresses causing them to not load properly.  I’d attempted to send corrected versions of this dress prior to
but I was wrong in thinking the problem was resolved then.  
If you have any questions, or if for some reason SL eats the folder I send, please feel free to let me know. Thank you and I hope you enjoy! :)

Now, how about that! I was delighted to 1) find out it was nothing with my viewer or PC..and 2) great customer service, I never thought about asking the creator!

All happy I tried them on and yeaah…look at me now!

Thanks Anyalia!
Taxi to {Spright}@chic


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  1. venus petrov says:

    Made all the difference in the world! Excellent customer service guarantees repeat purchases.

    1. Oh yes! And I kept thinking it was my viewer or pc…LOL, never thought it could be the dresses…wah!

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