Zig et zig et zig, la mort en cadence….

Zig et zig et zig, la mort en cadence
Frappant une tombe avec son talon,
La mort à minuit joue un air de danse
Zig et zig et zag sur son violon.
Le vent d’hiver souffle et la nuit et sombre;
Les gémissements sortent des tilleuls;
Les squelettes blancs vont à travers l’ombre,
Courant et sautant sous leurs grands linceuls

(Original text  of ‘Danse Macabre’ by Henry Cazalis)

Why this quote? This weekend I visited the art installation ‘Danse Macabre‘ by Cherry Manga. A wonderful piece of work and even though there is no reference to Henry Cazalis’ Danse Macabre’ at all, it still reminded me of it. And of course the musical piece Camille Saint-Saëns made of this poem.

Danse Macabre I
Danse Macabre I
Dance Macabre_001
Danse Macabre I

I really enjoyed exploring this art, wearing the free skin and chess-attachements you can get by clicking on the huge spider-woman :).

Danse Macabre III
Danse Macabre III
Danse Macabre IV
Danse Macabre IV

Cherry Manga also made a machinima of this work, which gives a good overview and has lovely music to go with it as well.
I will stick to the music as I had in mind when I was there and which I kept playing while editting my photo’s and composing this blog :)



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