Balloon Day

Oh yeah. A personal blog-post…I just had to get it off my chest. No dramazzzz and for most probably no big deal, but I let it all sink a bit and yeah it is a Balloon Day for me!

Today I am officially declared 100 % recovered, by the doctors. In writing and all. It was a bit strange, sitting there..listening, talking, going through the past 7,5 months in my head and yeah..realising they were right. I am better, I am back to me, back to life, back to everything.
Oh, they are not cutting me off just like that; I have some follow-up meetings planned to make sure I will be fine and all, but…for some reason it feels good to have my official medical status back to : healthy, nothing going on..move along!

And without going all emotional and ewww…I have to specially thank and hug Sy, Venus and Ratt, for being ‘there and here’ all those months and listening, understanding and well, just being here. In my computer, but so damned real and important.





4 thoughts on “Balloon Day

  1. Woot! Why didn’t you mention this to me when we were chatting inworld just now!?!? Oh my! Big congratulations, girly girl! / and all that stuffs :)

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