Manilism is a full sim art installation by Julius Redillas and Richard Coronel, new media artists. Now, for some unknown reasons I did not get to see or hear any ‘new media’ while visiting  – but that doesn’t stop me from blogging about it and recommend it ! I will just go back and try again later, maybe it had to do with todays rolling restarts…who knows!

So, Manilism! An ‘installation of grit, flood and scattered garbage’,  great for photography and to indulge in either the panoramic view or the details! It runs from 1 february till 28th february, so you have almost a month left to hop over and get amazed :).

Manilism_004 Manilism_001 Manilism_002 Manilism_003


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  1. dedepuppets says:

    Strangely attractive worlds

  2. Kurô says:

    thanks for writing about our exhibition. the video should automatically play if an avatar is near the screen. sound took too long. we’re still trying to do something about it. thanks again! more power to your site!

    1. Hi Kuro, it was my pleasure! I will surely go back and check the media! :))

  3. Kurô says:

    Here’s a link to my site where you can view some of the photos from the sim. I included your photos of the sim, with a link to your site. You can also find there links to the video trailer and the sound which I believe you missed when you visited our sim. =) Thanks again!

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