Realm of Estara

Last night I visited the gorgeous sim Realm of Estara.
Estara is a Medieval  Role Play sim and rules apply. However, they welcome visitors and explorers, as long as you follow their rules: dress appropriate to the Medieval theme (free outfits available at landing point!), wear the OOC Observer tag (also available at the landing point) and do not interrupt roleplay you may encounter.
And then there are some notecards on etiquette while visiting or participating a RP sim, which may be useful for the newer residents or those who have never visited a rp-sim before.  Also a full package on available roleplay characters and story-lines is available, for those interested in community medieval roleplay.

So, I found a nice dress in my inventory that looked medieval enough (including too large prim skirt, ack!), slapped on the OOC Observer tag (and did not wear any other tag from a group, as to not spoil the experience for others), opened my mini-map (I do that on RP-sims to be able to avoid role players and stay away from their ‘game’)  and off exploring I went!

All dressed up, at the teleport area!
All dressed up, at the teleport area!

The Realm is, well when I was there, in winter setting – so lots of snow. Lovely landscaped and wonderful use of ‘off sim’ panoramic views. When wandering around I found great details in buildings, a windmill and in a quiet corner sat a beautiful Elf of some sort – healing from a shoulder-wound as her tag said.

I walked around, enjoying the ambiance and the look and feel of this place. It certainly has a friendly atmosphere and is a great place for photographers!

Estara_003 Estara_004 Estara_005 Estara_006

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  1. Bassima says:

    SO lovely… put it on my to VISIT list.. thanks a lot.

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