I wish, I wish, I wish….


Berry’s Monday Meme this week, your three SL wishes, is giving me the same headache as the SL Pet Peeves one…..simply because it tends to go for the negative sides of Second Life, while I am generally quite happy and content.

Anyway. Do I have some wishes, things that would enhance my Second Life Experience? Hmmmmm…think, think, think…oh my…here they are!

1. More active and visible Lindens – as in Linden Lab Employees. On the grid and in the official forum and SL Feed. I am aware LL is a company and they may perhaps not realise, but for us (well me….) Linden employees are well..authority and their presence in the community would be highly appreciates as it would give a sense of commitment and it is not just ‘us residents’ ranting amongst ourselves. No, they do not have to police us or the SL world, but in general…it would be nice to at least SEE them working on issues, battling griefers, caring about us.

2. I am an avid user of the SL Profile feeds, it is my main social media as far as SL is concerned. I would really wish there was an option to totally block and mute individuals that I do not wish to communicate/interact with. At this moment you can block a person inworld which will then mean they cannot comment on your feed, nor ‘love’ your posts and snapshots. However, the moment your post goes into ‘trending’ it is visible for them. No, they can’t do anything on a post but still, they see it. Also, you may still encounter them on other peoples posts/threads and so the block/mute option we currently have is ..well, lame. I wish we get a real mute/block option like Facebook has: once you block a person, you simply do not exist anymore for eachother. You will not be confronted in trending or in groups or whatever with said individual, and that goes both ways – which is fine with me. In the rare occasion I mute/block someone, it really means I want them out of my online life, completely. Currently, I still see them on occasion and that is just meh. ( I have filed Jira’s on this, so did others, over a year ago…alas, nothing happened).

3. Decent hands and feet on my avatar, without having to resort to buying mesh body parts! This also goes for wrists and elbows. Gawd, I don’t like the way my avatars mesh make me look like I broke my neck or elbows when in a really cool pose. Oh and while I am at it: that also goes for my butt when in sitting poses or the general awful look of the crotch-area when trying to be all sexy and stuff. Ack!

And now I am going back to being happy and content Caity again!



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  1. You bring up an excellent point with #2. I haven’t experienced any issues with people as of yet on there but if that were to ever happen, I would hate to go through that experience of not being able to block them out completely. I hope your wish comes true and that jira gets more notice! Wanna link to it so we can vote on it?

    1. Ah yes, I will look up that ancient Jira…who knows? Although I dont think they are really active with them anymore, I thought they stopped with Jira’s.

  2. peepsideshow says:

    I commented in my “Firsts” meme that I had never met – nor seen – a Linden in my four and a half years in SL. I’m beginning to believe they’re actually as rare as a unicorn or a decent photo of my wrists ;)

    1. Haha, yeah..wrists! Argh. I know Lindens exists, I have met quite a few in the past years, but lately they seem to become a rare sighting indeed!

  3. Suvi Seerose says:

    I totally agree all of them and most I hate broken ankles coming out from the skirt fabric :)

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