Sand & Sea Expo

With summer coming, well in SL that is a fact – in RL I am still waiting for a decent Spring- …., I got a sneak preview to the Sand & Sea Expo that will run from 2nd – 5th May! I can use a bit of sand and sea by now!


The expo is on two sims, one is a beach theme and the other one is underwater, meaning it will really cover all aspects of Sand & Sea life, from luxury yachts to beachwear and all you need to be a mermaid/merman and everything in between!

There will also be a ‘Beach Comber Event‘, each vendor will have a special shell with a free gift in it, when you click it it will either give you a gift….or not! When you end up empty-handed, you can try it again after two hours :).


When I was there this morning, vendors and shops were not set up yet – people are still  busy with it. I will update my blog with some LM’s and more pics as soon as it is open tomorrow!


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  1. cortezbrandriss says:

    These photos are beautiful!! Thank you for sharing them!! We are so excited you are here! xoxoxo

    <3 Cortez

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