Flat Rodvik & Topless Tuesday

Months ago, I am not sure when it really started, Uccello Poultry started with her Topless Tuesday pictures on the feed – soon to be followed by most ladies. A fun meme and I usually try to participate! You also may want to check the TT Flickr-group (NSFW)!

Yesterday I combined two memes in one picture, as Strawberry had launched yet another hilarious assignment: get a copy of Flat Rodvik on MP and take him for a tour on the grid (full details on her blog!).

Now, I did not really took him on a tour, but I introduced Flat Rod to Topless Tuesday, as I am sure this is something he will appreciate and needs to know!

Flat Rod and TT


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ooohhhh, think I wanna play topless tuesday too!

    1. Hehe Berry, I think you do too!

  2. Uccello says:

    Hugs, Cait! Very nicely executed. It’s pretty clear where Rod is looking.

    1. Thank Uccie :) And yeah, I have seen Rod on several pics by now, and he does seem to know his way around….

  3. Pep says:

    Did you take that photo using a non-mesh viewer?

    Pep (Your skirt looks like a swim belt/life preserver.)

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