Stare in the distance

Well, or rather..I have been staring at prims. A LOT of prims!

Not that I have been attempting to build something myself, nope..I visited a new art installation by Resonant Osmosis, named Quantum Reflections.

Now, I have tried to see what the artist means and all, but I guess I am not arty or smart enough. But I did enjoy watching the prims and playing with shadows, while listening to one of my favourite Dutch bands, Krezip,  on iTunes!

Yeah, you should go see this, if not for the deeper thoughts and meaning, than at least to stare…in the distance :)

Quantum_reflections_001 Quantum_reflections_002


‘If this is true, I thought then, what will I think
Will I stay but rather I would get away
I’m scared that I won’t find a thing
And afraid that I’ll turn out to be alone, but I

I have to learn, have to try, have to trust I have to cry
Have to see, have to know that I can be myself, yeah

And if I could I would stay
And if they’re not, not in my way
I’ll stare here in the distance’


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