The Flowout

After a couple of days of exploring nature-parks and forests, I was in the mood for something less ‘green’. A city! I flew and TP’ed around a bit and suddenly I was in The Flowout – Tobacco Road.

If you like urban, grunge and graffiti…this is the place to be! I was there all by myself for quite some time, and took it easy with looking around and taking pictures. There are some shops, but mostly it is a desolated town/city, made with great details in the texturing! I think it will be great for photoshoots, or of course just walking around and enjoying the builds!

Flowout_001 Flowout_002 Flowout_003 Flowout_004

Usually, when on a field trip I do not change clothes specially per location – unless I go visit a RP sim with rules of course – since I tend not to have myself in the pictures too much anyway. I had to laugh at myself today though, because when I zoomed back in to myself after shooting these pictures for the blogpost,  I realised I was dressed in Haute Couture from Solidea FoliEs, the Aida outfit in blue. Not quite grunge eh? But a cool outfit, so here I am…dressed to the nines in a deserted ghost town /:



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  1. emilymarik says:

    I liked the picture of you, and don’t feel bad… I think I am misdressed for where ever I happen to be more often than not!

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