André Agassi. Really?

Last night I found it time for a new portrait, for some online profiles here and there, so I posed all nice and sexy for myself and this is the result, which I quite like!

Caity Portait Nov 2013

I decided to use this new portrait, as it is my current ‘daily’ look for Strawberry’s Monday Meme, and I did the lazy version: I used the generator Berry suggested to see which, amazingly handsome (of course) celebrity would look like me!

What can I say besides: ‘that awkward moment you are told your sexy avatar is a nr. 1 match with André Agassi….’ Oh and to top it off, George W. Bush comes close too.



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  1. LOLOL mine was George Clooney, Taylor Swift and Queen Latifah. O.O Love your new profile pic!

  2. zeesl says:

    Lady Gaga, though! Haha!

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