The Chamber Society

The Chamber Society is, as is very briefly stated in the land profile: ‘A secret sex society themed club, set in a vintage hotel room’. So yes, this is obviously an Adult location.

To have access to the club and the various rooms, you need to be a member (300 LS) or be accompanied by another member as a guest. I strongly advise anyone to read the rules when you arrive, as there are (reasonable and themed related) dress codes,rules on avatar appearance and some guidelines on general behaviour. Sex, by the way, is encouraged but not mandatory.

I am not covering the members areas in my blog-post, but I can say the rooms all look lovely detailed and tastefully decorated. The reason I do not cover those is simply because it did not feel right to take pictures of people, paying members of a private club, who are engaging in adult activities (not all and not all the time though!).

Anyway, the ‘secret sex-society’ is just a part of The Chamber…the ground-level – to which everyone has access – is worth exploring! It has lovely beaches, streets and it is obviously built and decorated with care. A wonderful place to take pictures, simply enjoy the scenery, or use for a photo-shoot of a more mature nature if you need!

The Chamber - II The Chamber - III The Chamber - IV

I dressed up for the occasion, just because I can and because I did not want to feel out of theme! I checked the rules and my demon-hands are allowed :P

The Chamber - I

What I am wearing:
* Sheer blouse by FBD (part of a Spring outfit)
* Skirt by {U.R}, available at The Cosmopolitan Sale (thanks Lola for blogging this!)* Hair from Exile – Bad Reputation in light brown


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Becky says:

    FYI, these are the people that banned me and everyone working with Basilique from their land because we bought our buildings (in the Square) from the same creator (POST). Still waiting to receive my $L300 refund… and waiting… and waiting…

    1. Ooh…sorry to hear that and what a shame…Of course I noticed the buildings, but hey…that happens with stuff one buys! If you don’t want to see it elsewhere, than make some your own, I would think.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have read about the Chamber and it seems like just the place my Master is looking for- however I simply cannot find it any map, or by searching by name. Please, how do I find it?

    1. Well, the link to The Chamber Society is in this blog post, but here you go:

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