The Millhouse Cafe and Parkland

Although I have a blogpost ready about one of the new, popular destinations…I decided to keep that for a next post and choose something else for today! It is not always about full sims or places filled with the latest trends in building and landscaping, I often find my pleasure and joy in discovering and exploring the small ones, often private homes, generously opened to the public by fellow residents and obviously decorated with love, care for details and effort.

This morning I spent some time in The Millhouse Cafe and Parkland, owned by ℂLѦԱƊіÅ (claudia74a.orsini) and a showcase on how you can create a piece of heaven on (just) 2048m!

The Millhouse Cafe and Parkland - II

There is a cafe, with a terrace overlooking a small pond with flamingos and it has seaview on one side. It is…well…cute and peacefull. There is also an intan danceball, in case you feel like dancing under the willows!

The Millhouse Cafe and Parkland - I

I admit I am not a fan of huge ‘privacy screens’ and on two sides these are used to mark the place, after having a peek at the neighbouring parcels I can however understand the use of them in this case..heh!
The Millhouse Cafe and Parkland - III

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