Sunshine after the rain

In Dutch we have this old saying ‘achter de wolken schijnt de zon’ (literally translated: behind the clouds the sun is shining), something one says when someone needs to be cheered up as in: ‘bad things are temporary, all will get better’. A wise saying eh? And something to keep in mind when things are tough.

Sunshine after the rain

No, I haven’t had a bad week, on the contrary..It seems, for me, the sun showed up and the bad stuffs are now finally in the past – clearing up some clouds here and there. It did however threw me back a bit, in terms of not feeling into exploring and blogging for a day or two, as I was processing ….things.


Happy things. Surprising and perhaps yeah shocking-to-me-things and then……: I got this notification via Tumblr that one of my pictures from my series on Futurewave was chosen as Pic of The Day by LL! Woot and YAY!

The cherry on top of my turbulent week, it made me – once again – proud and honoured!

Pic of The Day - 13feb14


The statue featured on this pic is created by the lovely and talented Sian Pearl, so credits go to her!

I wish you all a wonderful, happy, relaxing weekend!


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