Futurewave – a preview

This evening I had the pleasure of having a sneak-preview at Futurewave 2014! It is a shopping-event, yes, but the theme and build is quite different than most I tend to visit and I had some fun in taking pictures of this Futuristic Cyberpunk location built by Lokii Ikthya (lokii.violet)!

Futurewave _II

Futurewave - V

Futurewave will open on 15th February at noon slt and will run till the 23rd. I was requested not to publish a SLURL yet, so I will update my post shortly after opening! It wil be filled with futuristic, cyberpunk items and I am looking forward to see all that!
Edited to update 15 february, as Futureave is open now, here is the SLURL!

Futurewave - III

If you want to have a look at the how and who and a list of merchants, check out the Futurewave website! There is also a Flickr-group, in which bloggers, creators and visitors upload their pics from this event.

Futurewave - IV

I am by no means a fashion-blogger or reviewer of clothing, but I wanted to show off this cool dress by MetaTheodora (sion.pearl), Swing in Houndstooth, which will be availabe at Futurewave, just because I find the hood on the dress hilarious and great for arty pictures:

Futurewave - I


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