Such a poser!

First of all: I hope you all have had a lovely Easter! Overhere, in Holland, we also ‘celebrate’ Easter Monday which is a holiday – for more eggs and chocolate…

I have been a bit under the weather all weekend, after my sister’s cat showed me too much affection Saturday. I am allergic to cats, of course I knew that, but the past years I managed to avoid the allergic reactions but this weekend it went wrong. Oh well, I am feeling much, much better now and will make sure to not encounter cats for a while!

All this feeling miserable, well and being away too, meant I haven’t really blogged a lot the past days and also I lacked a bit of inspiration, as it happens every now and then. No worries though, I have some nice locations lined up for blogposts but today – as it is Monday, I wanted to participate in Berry’s Monday Meme which is inspired by the current Pose Fair and all about poses!

I love poses and I love to pose. For myself, although earlier this week I was honoured when Alles Klaar asked me to pose for her – if you do not follow her on Flickr…you should! I admire her work immensly and was all excited to pose and of course about the end result here! (warning, nipples!), the first time I posed for someone else than..myself!

I have lots and lots of poses in my inventory…really. My favourites for Artsy-fartsy images are almost always from Del May, from whom I also love their couple poses. For more ‘normal’ poses I love oOo Studio, Glitterati, Adorkable….and many, many more. It is almost unfair to make a list, but I’ve been through my poses and have to admit those are the ones I use most of all.

Then..and this may come as a suprise, because I am not really known for being good in creating……Often I have an image in my head with a specific pose and if I cannot find it, I will make the pose myself! Yes! I can do that!  This morning for instance, what a coincidence with this meme, I wanted to make a specific picture with a specific pose and since I couldnt find it, I made it.

In this blogpost I am posting a ‘PG’ version, the original one for which I made it this morning, is on Flickr and slightly NSFW, here (warning, nipples and suggestive pose – Adult rated filter on it):
Such a poser!

Since making the pose, uploading and posing itself is all I can do with my limited skills (I cannot make props and all that) and you may laugh: for this pose I had to actually ‘wear’ the sofa  and adjust my avatar hovering-height to get it in the right position for a pic…:P Silly perhaps, but it works for me! Also, I use all kinds of stuff I have in my inventory!

I make my poses in Qavimator, it’s not too difficult, a free program.

* Sofa : Trompe Loeil – Ashdon sofa
* Wine bottle: Adorkable Poses, part of the ‘Tipsy’ Pose set
* Hair: Yasyn Jeajoong in brown
* Shirt by Tee*fy
* Jeans: Harlow Jeans by Mon Tissu
* Shoes by GOS
* Pose : by me….yay! If you like it and would like a copy, gimme a shout and I will be happy to drop it (including a mirror version) :).






4 Comments Add yours

  1. The colours in this photo are glorious! I recently made my first pose because I knew what I wanted and didn’t have it. It is a challenge, to be sure!

    1. Thanks Peep, the colours are because I was fiddling with the windlight and playing with the sliders..dont ask me what I did!!! And yeah, sometimes you have a pose in mind and it cannot be found (shopping and buying is still easier…) and thats why I sometimes make my own – but no..I do not consider myself a posemaker and would not dare to sell them or something!

  2. It looks great! I love it and yes I do the same thing. Sometimes you just have to make your own. Hope you enjoyed you Monday off! :D

  3. chericolette says:

    I love the colours too….vibrant. And the pose made me laugh.

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