Kittens Heaven, episode 4!

(Update 27 April: Kittens Heaven is now open to all!)

Two weeks ago Isabelli Anatine told me she, once again, was building a new Kittens Heaven! I have always enjoyed the previous ones, and blogged about it in November 2012, March 2013 and August 2013. Kittens Heaven will, as it used to be, a chill location for hanging out, doing photoshoots and explore. It will also be the home of Isabelli’s Mainstore ‘Uncertain Smile’ in which she sells her poses.

Kittens Heaven - IV

All are welcome as soon as it opens, which will be later this week (as soon as I have a date I will edit this post). I was happy to get preview access, while Isa is still working like a mad thing to get it all ready!  I have not taken too many pics of the exterior as that was still a work in progress at the time of my visit, but I can tell you it is going to be lovely!
I also want to thank Isabelli, not only for my early access, but her generosity to all of us by opening her Kittens Heaven to enjoy!
Kittens Heaven - I
Kittens Heaven - II
Kittens Heaven - III


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