Falling apart

The past week I have not been able, nor been in the mood, for exploring. I have had a series of less pleasant issues in SL, which at some point made me believe my Second Life was slowly but surely falling apart!

It started with my profile. For some reason it does not work anymore. I cannot see my own profile, not inworld and not in the browser, so I cannot look at the feed either, although that is the least of my worries. I filed a ticket for the profile trouble and have to say I am happy that after some emailing back and forth with a ‘Scout’, eventually a Linden contacted me and they are investigating the problem – even logging in as Caity at some moments to check and they keep me updated, although no solution yet. I am confident at some point my profile will be fixed!

I do not exist!
I do not exist!

Then last Wednesday my shape, I am wearing a tweaked version of my very first shape from 2007 – the ‘girl next door’ – could not be located in the ‘database’. Error after error appeared when logging in and finally I had to change to a copy of my shape (thank goodness I made one!), which is fine. It is, however a copy I made in 2012…so the face is the same but the body is slightly different. All good, I am tweaking the body till it is Caity again, and will make sure to regularly make a copy! Lesson learned! I have, btw, filed another ticket to see if LL can repair my other shape, but I doubt that will be possible.

To add more joy to my SL experience, yes..there is more!, my precious bare feet from GOS got broken. Arrgh….endless spammy text (which only I saw, so nobody got hurt…) filling my screen the moment I wore the feet.


A quick HALP! to the Customer Service of GOS made all the difference, I sent them a screenshot of my shouting feet and without questions I received a new pair of feet…..ahhhh, the silence. And happy feet!

So I went exploring, for my blog and made pictures and then…I went to hard disk to check and almost got a fit. All my pics so heavily pixelated, horrible! I could cry?
I did an update on Nvidia drivers, re-installed the viewer, cleared cache..well, you name it, I did it. Alas, still pixelated aweful images. In a last attempt I downloaded Firestorm (I am always on LL Viewer) and tested: good pics, nothing wrong. Argh?!

Not good, not good!!!!
Not good, not good!!!!

I posted my issue on the SL forum and there came the answer, so stupid and simple I blushed: for some reason the default setting for saving pics was set to JPEG instead of PNG, and since I save to harddisk as 3000px wide, a JPEG will be awful. Duh! Changing it back to PNG was the only thing I needed to do, I cannot believe I did not think of checking that myself! *headdesk*

So, that was my week….Up to a new and better one!


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  1. Beth Macbain says:

    Doesn’t it suck when everything seems to fall apart at once?! Luckily, most things can be fixed and lessons learned… but, damn, it’s annoying when it happens!


    1. Haha, yes! I almost got paranoid, thinking ‘someone’ was out to destroy me…LOL!

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