In A Box

The other week, just before Christmas, I got into contact with Trixie.Cliassi, via Plurk. She is a fashion blogger and wanted to do a joined-blogpost with someone else so…I raised my hand!

Although I am not a fashion-blogger and our styles are very different, this wasn’t an issue at all. In fact, it made it even more fun! Trixie decided on the poses – after we agreed we would participate in the ‘Avatar in a Box‘ challenge by Vanessa Baylock of which we both read about in Strawberry‘s blog.
We got a box, Trixie picked up some nice pose and then..outfit! That was easy too, as Trixie had in mind to do a post about her new mesh- body and hey, I don’t mind dropping my panties for a picture, ahem! All I needed to get was new hair from Little Bones, and so the posing started!


We spent quite a while in the box, well I was – as you can see – and chatted about all kinds of things. A very enjoyable afternoon and it was lovely to meet Trixie, while snapshotting away :).

Go check her blog and her Flickr for her blogpost on ‘Assembly Line‘, with all the credits on skins, hair and poses and such!

Thank you so much Trixie, for the great time!








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