Say Cheese!

To be honest, I hate the smiles in Second Life. All of them. With a passion.
But, today I had to smile……and it was actually fun!
Strawberry Singh has started the year with a new Monday Meme, and this weeks topic is: Second Life Yearbook Smile.

Now, we do not have such things as Yearbooks in Holland – well at least not when I went to school, but we did get pictures taken of the whole class (and always an uncomfortable looking teacher on the side…) and some portraits, which where always loved by Grandparents…Of course I have them all, safely hidden somewhere deep down – as I never looked too wonderful or happy on those awkward portraits. Ah yes, to be an emo teen eh?

Anyway, the meme! I made a version of what could well be somewhat like the real awkwardness I have…and I really tried to smile,  really!
Say Cheese! (For Berry's Meme)

You can (nah, you should!) participate too, you do not even need a blog, by smiling and adding your ‘yearbook’ picture to the special group on Flickr: The Second Life Yearbook.



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