Quicker than a ray of light

There are days in Second Life I like to indulge in making pictures that have a theme, be it a challenge/meme suggested by someone or just something that hits me while flying around and listening to music on iTunes.

I often do not need a lot, either it triggers me instantly or it never happens. Today I was sort of minding my own business, reading news while logged in Inworld and listening to iTunes and there it was.

Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’, and then one specific fragment reminding me of a windlight setting (Euphoria – End of Days)  that would be sooo cool for a pic.
Well, one thing led to another…I found a leather jacket from Gizza, had the Analog Dog hair and the Maitreya legging already in inventory and all I had to do was re-create the pose Madonna does when she is standing in that  SL Windlight in the clip, like this:

ray of light madonna

My version is, of course, an artistic interpretation, and if I had not been too lazy I could have found better hair, but I still wanted to give it my feel, so here is my SL version. My days and entertaining myself can be so simple :) :
[ Light ] 'And I feel....quicker than a ray of light'

Oh and sure..here is the video, I love it on max volume on my headset……and sing out loud!



‘And I feel like I just got home
And I feel
And I feel like I just got home
And I feel

Faster than the speeding light she’s flying
Trying to remember where it all began
She’s got herself a little piece of heaven
Waiting for the time when Earth shall be as one’



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