Wine, Massages and LumaLite

For a long time I have been in doubt about getting a ‘photography’ HUD, for pics I make indoors and when I miss the ability to have shadows (I am in LL Viewer and cannot derender a roof or a wall for that purpose..). I am not a fan of facelights, and tried to create my own projector (fail and meh)…but this Sunday I went for it and purchased the LumaLite HUD,  from Toran Babenco & Colleen Criss – as I had seen some images on Flickr and well, the price (LS 1495)  seemed more reasonable,  for me and my budget,  than the other ones I have seen (LumiPro being a wellknown – but being LS 6995 quite pricy – one, Strawberry Singh showed stunning results of using the LumiPro in her Monday blogpost) and it promised it was easy to use.
For the record, I have never used or tried the LumiPro so I cannot give an honest opinion about it, other than its price kept me from purchasing it.

So. The LumaLite it is for me.
After purchasing I joined the LumaLite group, for support and all and joined their Flickr Group as well, received a notecard with tips and tricks from Toran and then I felt like experimenting!

I went to Basilique, the new “Harvey’s Wine Bar’ as this is a stunning location, but: indoor and tricky with lights when depending on windlight only. I could not rez in this Bar, so no playing with the projector, but I could use the ‘face-lights’ as you wear these.
The HUD is indeed as easy to use as I hoped. Sure, I fiddled around a bit, but soon I found out how to change the colours of the lights, the intensity and position. Heck, if even I can do this…it must be simple eh!

I took his picture and was pleased with the result, I think I managed to ‘light myself out’ just enough and showing off the materials of the dress without making it look like rubber?
It is always wine o'clock somewhere!
Of course I also wanted to experiment with the ‘projector’ and Becky came up with a great idea after I told her I was going to do some pics in the (also indoor and darkish) Bathhouse in Basilique: she arranged her new Hosts Juliet and Paul (they are her ‘bots’ or ‘NPC’s) and we decided to both get a lovely massage in the bathhouse by the two hosts.
(Tip: read all about Becky and her ‘robots’ in her blogpost – The Robot and I, they are amazingly real!)

Due to the somewhat NSFW nature of the pic, I had to put it under a restricted filter on Flickr, but you can find it here. So this is a part of it, showing the shadows the projector, (I was allowed to rez in the bathhouse) Becky and I also wore the facelights, and giving it a more spectacular image!

Wine, Massages and Lumalite - II - A Blogpost!

In order to make the HUD work you need to enable advanced lighting, shadows and all that and enable ‘attached and local lights’. The latter I usually have disabled, so err…well it took me a 5 mins to realise why the HUD didn’t work…oops! Once you have it all set, really: it is easy and I can only say that I LOVE this HUD, but think in my case it will be something for indoor shots, as for outdoor I quite enjoy using windlights and haven’t missed extra lightsources, but who knows!

If there is one thing I would like to see a tad different on this HUD : the size of the fonts is a bit small…yeah yeah..I have reading glasses, but still..ahem. /me wipes nose-prints from monitor…


5 thoughts on “Wine, Massages and LumaLite

  1. :) Thank you Cait for a nice review of the HUD as well as the constructive feedback! We are hoping those who buy will help us improve on the HUD. The photos are so awesome ! I have always been impressed with how you use lights. Again, thank you so much.

  2. Thank you for the review on Lumalite :) I will attempt to change coloring on fonts, That should back you nose away from the screen :) Keep up the good work on your SL photography and use of LumaLite lights.

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