Obsession Exposed, Gardens and Gallery

On the 1st of February I was invited to the opening of a new exhibition in ‘Obsession Exposed Gallery’ (Adult) where my friend Hugh has some of his wonderful pictures on display – in an exhibition featuring a lot of talented SL Photographers!
The exhibition is certainly worth a visit and today I went back to explore the rest of the place, as I had seen it was much more than a Gallery.

Beth and Hugh @ Opening of Obession Exposed Gallery
Beth and Hugh, in front of Hugh’s work, at the opening


There are lush gardens and some tropical settings and it is wonderful to wander about a bit and for taking pictures (photographers and all are welcome), so yeah I do recommend to go see the exhibition AND explore the rest of the two sims too!
Obsession Exposed, Gallery and Gardens - I
Obsession Exposed, Gallery and Gardens, - II
Obsession Exposed, Gallery and Gardens,  - III


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  1. undrgrndoc says:

    Omg these photos are so amazing. I really want to visit these places and take my time to just breathe and relax. Wow.

    1. undrgrndoc says:

      It’s so perfect, it almost looks like it came from an unrealistic dream or a fairy-tale scene. <3 . <3

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