Futurewave – The Digital Revolution is now

Finally I made some time today to go explore Futurewave, one of my favourite events from Cursed Events, if not for the shopping than certainly for the amazing builds they always create!
Futurewave  - II

Futurewave  - I

This year is no exception, it is awesome! Yes, The Digital Revolution is now!
Of course I shopped, I got myself a suit and mask by Chariot (Sian Pearl), and took pictures of the futuristic environment and then asked my good friend Coober to pose with me to show off the new outfit, which we made in the space-corridor at MOSP – because I can rezz there and the corridor suits the theme :).
Futurewave  - III

Futurewave runs till midnight 1 March, so you still have plenty of time to go have a look (and shop hehe). For more information about the creators, shops and the events that happen (parties!) you can check out their official website here!


Futurewave  - IV

First Contact
‘First Contact’ by Coober Calicia



2 Comments Add yours

  1. owldragonash says:

    wow love these photos and thanks for the tip i hadn’t heard of futurewave

  2. girlforgetful says:

    Coober is hot. Also, love your avi here, it’s kind of retro-futuristic. Great pics, I’ll be checking the place out.

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