The importance of search for Second Life blogs

A very useful article by Becky, for all bloggers!It makes me consider changing my frontpage, just to see and show what it does.

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“How do I get more traffic to my Second Life blog?” That’s the number one burning question I heard when I asked people what they wanted to know about Second Life blog marketing. Well, you asked! In this post, I’ll share the key difference I’ve observed between the most popular Second Life blogs, and the multitude of blogs that receive considerably less traffic.

The answer to the traffic question is so complex and lengthy it could fill a book (and has). But we have to start somewhere. This post is a lengthy introduction to the subject – but by the end of it – you will no longer need to ask why your blog isn’t as popular as the ones everyone knows about. You will know why. Knowing how to bridge the gap, however, is another matter. Still, if you’re serious about increasing your blog traffic; read on.

Let’s begin by talking about where your…

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