New adventures

First of all: yes…I have changed the theme (look and feel) of my site completely! I had been thinking about it for a while, I usually change the theme every 2-3 years, but I found it hard to decide what I wanted.

Then Becky’s latest article on Blogger Support, about what search engines do (or don’t) for your site, triggered me to speed things up and go shop for a new look – keeping in mind her advice. My previous theme I chose purely on the look, although I always knew it would not do much for search, I didn’t really cared about that. But since I was going to change anyway, why not keep  search engines and all that in mind. To be sure I would purchase a theme that would make sense, I wanted a second opinion and asked Becky to check this one out first, thank you so much Becky!

So, this is what my blog will look for the coming time, probably some years again.  I am still tweaking and rearranging some things, but nothing really drastic. The old posts are all intact, including the images (that was my biggest concern) and in future posts will be with an excerpt and a ‘ read full article’ link, something I cannot do – technically – with all the re-posted articles from last weeks Fantasy Faire.

Besides this ‘ new adventure’, I have gotten myself into something else as well! Some days before the Fantasy Faire opened I got the opportunity to rent a wonderful shop on Basilique, in which I will sell the poses I make. Just for fun really, and for some participation in the Basilique Community.
My store, Pose O’ Clock,  is located next to Harvey’s Bar, close to the landing point and only this week – after the Faire closed – I have gotten the time to actually put some poses in there! Conveniently I can sit in Silky’s Cafe with a coffee and look (and zoom in) at my shop while I work on the poses and images.
You are very welcome to come over and have a look, there is always wine and cheese and a free pose set (which is more for new residents, as it also includes a notecard on how to make a nice do-it-yourself-profile picture).

New adventures - II
Pose O’ Clock @ Basilique


More fun? Well fun. Not really, but there is always a bright side to everything! This morning my PC moaned and groaned and then died with the aweful scratching sound of a crashing hard drive. Argh! Game over.
I knew it was getting old and grumpy and so I was already looking for a replacement and had the funds for it. I wished it would have lasted a bit longer though, but since I was prepared for this,  I had proper back-ups and have not lost that much (some pics from the last 3 days).

So here I am…back online ( I don’t think anyone noticed I had been without desktop for some hours), on a new beast. With a new look on my blog AND a shop.



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  1. colleen Criss says:

    Congrats on ….. well, all the THINGS! :)

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