Today was my 8th rezday, and although I usually don’t celebrate with parties and such – I always find rezdays somewhat special. I am silly like that.

This year I got spoiled so much, with lovely gifts from dear friends…I’ve gotten many surprises today, and am thankful for all of them! Giftcards (Ooooh, shopping-spree to come!), a beautiful necklace and earrings, flowers, a package with supercute decorations for my home and a huge cake – which had a teddy bear jumping out of it (see featured image at the top of this post) , many sweet messages on Facebook, Plurk, Twitter and ASN, and a dance at Franks to end this wonderful day.
I enjoyed it all! Many muah’s to you know who you all are!

I’ve thought about writing a blogpost about the past eight years, but I will just leave it with some picture of today, so I have something to look back at again and again and smile!

Yes, I am wearing the Rez-day Cake Pepys got me, and I may wear it all day :P

A huge cake, from Pepys, to start the day!

Rezday Wine O'Clock!

Wine O’clock, in a new outfit, with my new necklace and lovely purple flowers on the table!

Flowers from Coobs <3

Flowers from Coober!

@ Franks, with Coobs :)

Rezday dance at Franks



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