Summertime ramblings and Junk

For me summer always really starts after 7 August. Of course technically it starts earlier, but I can always really start to enjoy the weather once I’ve dealt with some sad anniversaries in July, and then the last being 7 August, the day my Mom passed away. Yes, that is 14 years ago, but still.

This years July I’ve not only had some other sad anniversaries – of family and friends no longer with us, but also two new ones to add to the next years. Two friends passed, in one month. Summer is a cruel time eh? I realise I have not been my best self lately. Yeah, I dwelled. I mourned, I cried, I’ve been unfriendly and nasty to people who deserve better and all because I felt lonely but strangely enough at the same time I just wanted to be left alone.

Junk - III

Anyway. It is 8 august and summer starts! It is sunny and warm and I enjoy working with the doors open, so I can hear the neighbour-kids swimming and having fun. I am walking around the house in yogapants and old shirt and bare feet and eat melon for lunch every day! Ah, and chilled wine in the late afternoon, when it is bearable and less hot on the deck. So I saw some posts and pics of people already looking forward to Halloween. Seriously, can you not!?
Junk - II

The pictures I have used in this blogpost I took at Junk, which is the mainstore sim of Junk – home decoration and furniture but such a delight to explore! The ‘store’ are small cabins, beachhouses, allover instead of one huge building and there is lots to see – even if you are not shopping or do not need junk (lol like one does not need junk..haha) …you really have to go see it!

And: have a great summer! <3


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  1. owldragonash says:

    If we were our best selves all the time we wouldn’t know what that is when we are.

  2. grief has many faces!! and so many emotions. Take care Cait and enjoy your chilled wine on the deck in celebration of those who passed. I’m off in the wilds of the highlands and I think about my mom all the time here!( She was Scots/Irish).

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