Bloggers and creators, you are invited!

A post on SL Blogger Support, to invite all bloggers and creators – for a discussion on blogging Home and Garden items and how to find eachother!

SL Blogger Support

The other week Katya and I attended a very interesting discussion hosted by Kess Crystal and Saffia Widdershins, at the Home and Garden Expo, about why creators would need bloggers and mostly:  how to find the right blogger for the right creator and vice versa.

A hot topic, as it was about mutual expectations, disappointments, frustrations and how to find each other for a perfect combination.
Now, the discussion didn’t really focus on fashion-blogging as such, but in this case it was focused on buildings and decor-items – it is the Home and Garden Expo after all – and mainly the struggle these particular creators have in finding bloggers who really feature their products and not ‘just use them as an anonymous backdrop for a new dress or shoes‘.

Not easy, and understandable frustrations happen when it comes to blogging Home and Garden items.

Callin' all Bloggers - II Plenty of seats!

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