Daydreaming in Everlong

Today I explored a watery, dreamy, location called: Everlong. Filled with wonderfully decorated spots, this is certainly a place to find yourself a comfy chair (plenty of those!) and enjoy the environment.

Tea for Two
Direct upload via LL Viewer to Flickr

The name of the sim includes a YouTube link, which I of course checked and turned out to be a 42 minutes long machinima filmed at Everlong. A tad long, but it gives a nice impression. The other thing in the landinformation is a motto

Celebrate ( the moments of your ) life    ڰڿღ the moments of your life …..

Little girl
Direct upload via LL Viewer to Flickr, using the ChouChou Cinematic HUD

It does reflect the overall feel of this place, very lovely! If you are looking for a location to experiment with windlights, or decorated areas for a photoshoot, you should visit Everlong, you will not be disappointed! Make sure you upload your images the Everlong Flickrgroup!

Everlong -  A Blogpost
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The windlights I used for my pictures are made by Battlescars Nathan and you can download them via his blog! I love the use of the colours of his windlights, they are my favourites!



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