Terminus‘ is the current them of the amazing photography-sim of Hell’s Crossing. I had to google it’; and Terminus is referring to the popular series The Walking Dead, which I have never seen!

Terminus - I

A sim with a zombie-infested forest, great for photoshoots (you can rezz your props!) or killing zombies if that is your thing. Or should I say, killing Walking Dead? Anyway, you do not need to kill the zombies, it is optional and since I left them alone and I was unarmed, they did not really bother me. OK, some of them bumped into me, but that was all. (For some light roleplay is can be fun to find them, they are by the way not hard to spot).

Terminus - II

On the landing point you will find a sign which gives you a notecard with some background information and the sim-rules.

Terminus - III

Terminus is lovely detailed and really cool to experiment with several windlights and settings, recommended if you are a bit tired of the ho-ho-ho happy snowmen and merry holiday themes :).

Terminus - IV


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  1. lucydiam0nd says:

    Thank you for visiting!! really lovely shots! :)

  2. Charlie Namiboo says:

    as a real fan of The Walking Dead it is a MUST SEE for me! thanks for recommending the sim, I will be there as soon as possible!

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