Christmas surprises

So I was going to write a Christmas blogpost, with all kinds of well wishes, looking back at 2017 and looking forward to 2018. But real life chores kept me busy (amongst other excuses) and when I finally had the time to login and sat for it, I got distracted.

In a good way. No, a perfect way! To my surprise and delight I found myself on three blogs today! Three bloggers mentioned little ol’ me and well,  I had to blog about that of course!

The christmas blogpost will become an end-of-year post, somewhere next week.

First thing I saw today was this blogpost on New Word Notes by Cajsa Lilliehook, one of her posts in her series of Flickr choices. She choose this picture I posted last week, as one of her favorite holiday themed Second Life photos and I am honoured my work is amongst great pics of great SL Photographers!

All Christmas trees are perfect

The next thing I saw was Huckleberry Hax’ blog about last nights launch party, during which he actually published his latest novel ‘AFK, Awaiting’. A great party for a great book and author, a party I helped organising and I dare say: I had a wonderful evening yesterday!

Launch Party snapshots

Then there is this sweet blogpost by Trilby Minotaur IV(trilby4midable) which she wrote being my Secret Santa for the BVN Challenge (I posted my contribution to that challenge a few days ago). Trilby even called her post a ‘homage to Caitlin Tobias’ which is a first ever to happen to me, and I smiled reading it – it was lovely to see someone enjoyed visiting the sims I have blogged about lately. Trilby, by the way, has a wonderful Flickr stream filled with eclectic and whimsical SL pictures! Thank you so much, Trilby!

When I have a house of my own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library.  ― Jane Austen

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!


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