The Ruins of Deepmarsh

Sometimes all I want to do, when logging into Second Life, is go to a pretty place and take pictures. Just wandering about or sit somewhere and look around, listening to some good music and enjoy the scenery.

The Ruins of Deepmarsh - II - a blogpost

That is what I did tonight. Real life has been hectic all week and in The Ruins of Deepmarsh I spent some quiet time, all by myself, surrounded by pretty flowers, water and grass.

The Ruins of Deepmarsh - III - a blogpost

Oh, and taking pictures! The Ruins of Deepmarsh, described in the land information as a tranquil haven for those looking for a place to hide away, is a lovely place. Tranquil indeed and tastefully decorated, so there is enough to explore and see!

The Ruins of Deepmarsh - IV - a blogpost

I like the wide views and watery surroundings and recommend this place to anyone looking for a sweet location to spend a couple of hours, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did!

SLURL to The Ruins of Deepmarsh


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