Cobkobo – Russia

This week I was in explorer-mode and I often find interesting and photogenic places when scrolling through Flickr. So many talented SL Photographers post the most wonderful landscapes images, making me somewhat envious at times, but most important: making me want to visit those places!

Cobkobo - Russia - IV- blogpost

Sadly not everyone includes landmarks to their uploads, allthough most of them do and so I ended up in Russia. Or Cobkobo (adult rated) to be precise. This land, by Света Денискина (Seller Xenno), is a mix of urban and outdoor and is supposed to be located in Russia. A lovely place, with specially for lovers of (old) vehicles, plenty of photogenic spots!

Cobkobo - RussiaCobkobo - Russia - III - blogpost

I’ve never been to Russia in Real Life, so I can’t really tell whether this is a good representation of the country, but the statue of Lenin is certainly something one would not see in other countries I suppose!

Cobkobo - Russia - II - blogpost
A great destination for SL Photographers and those who love a well decorated place to wander about!

Useful links:

Slurl to Cobkobo (adult)
Inara Pey’s blogpost on Cobkobo
Susann Decuir’s blogpost on Cobkobo
Photos on Flickr of Cobkobo

Cobkobo - Russia - I - blogpost


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