My N00b moment and Tralala’s Diner

This morning, after some shopping, I was unpacking my new purchases in peace and quiet, a disaster happened. I am not sure what I did, but all of a sudden my screen was brownish and I could not zoom back to the normal view. I tried to reset the camera position, but it seemed I was stuck in between two wall, though I had not teleported and was still in my skyhome. Grrr… I re-logged, usually the solution to many problems, but when I logged back in, it was still the same.

I went through all kind of settings and was no longer annoyed, but a slight panic was happening. So, I teleported to a previous location, the shopping event I was just before this happened, hoping this would solve it. Nope. It seemed I could walk and turn, but I could not see myself. Just the dark brown screen. I teleported to another location, a club and finally to a sandbox. Nothing helped.

tralala noob

Standing in this sandbox,  I got an IM from stranger, asking me why I was wearing a complete bar with bar stools….

Turned out, I indeed double clicked something while unpacking…the Dutchie Vintage cafe Bar I had rezzed for a photo, and I was wearing it. Duh. It just never occured to me to check what I was wearing!

Oh..and my sincere apologies to the shoppers I must have knocked over, when I was frantically teleporting around, with my bar…

Anyway, after this disturbing incident, which shows one can still be a N00b, even after almost 12 years in Second Life, I was in the mood for something cheerful and went to explore a place I had on my list: Tralala’s Diner!

Tralala's Diner - III - blogpost

The name is happy, the place however not so much.
Don’t get me wrong, I love places like this and Tralala’s Diner is certainly worth a visit. There is a lot to see when wandering around, I really like all the details and the overall ambiance of this place!

Tralala's Diner - IV - blogpost

Wonderful for taking pictures too, a welcome distraction on an eventful morning!

Tralala's Diner - II - blogpost

Slurl Tralala’s Diner


7 Comments Add yours

  1. I am SO glad I am not the only one still doing this kind of thing! :P

    1. Haha, I am sure everyone has an inner n00b :)

  2. I HAVE to tell you, that you’re not the only old “noob”. Today, I was about to take a picture – graphic settings, windlight settings, water settings, correct avatar’s position, correct camera settings and position … when I decided to move my floor prim some centimeters to North. Done this, I felt just as you …. only blue heaven around me. I could not teleport because of my lacking clothing. So I logged out (all settings are gone, you surely know that feeling) and coming back, I found myself on the ground of the ocean. I had moved my floor too much, so that my avatar was standing outside my piece of land in the deepest blue Linden ocean.
    Well …

    1. Ooh, I know the feeling….!

  3. This gives me an idea for an Avatar Dining Club story…

    1. Really? I can’t wait….!

  4. Anonymous says:

    And then there’s the moment you find you’re wearing your entire inventory folder of shoes, the ones you began saving 8 years ago… Just because you were not thinking for that critical split second while dressing. Sighs. There’s a lot to be said for minimalism ^_^

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