Endless on a Sunday morning

The snow has melted, the sun is out and I just got home from a lovely, long, walk with my dogs, my idea of a  perfect start of a relaxed Sunday! The dogs have eaten and are taking their morning nap, so I went for some more walking; in Second Life! This walk is as relaxing as the real life one, because I can drink my tea and have my breakfast while doing so!

Endless - II - blogpost

I went to Endless, a dreamy place of wet-lands, grass and endless views. A superb location for taking pictures or just walk around and enjoy the peace and quiet. I did a bit of both, listening to Ed Sheeran (my current favourite) and sipping on my second cup of tea.

Endless - III - blogpost

I suggest you grab a drink and a snack, travel to Endless and have some you-time, it will do you good!

Happy Sunday!

Endless - IV - blogpost Endless - V - blogpost

Slurl: Endless


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