Elvion – The Secret Forest

If you love nature and green forests, enormous meadows and panoramic views over the ocean, Elvion is the place to visit!

Fantastic for Second Life photographers, explorers or those looking for a quiet place for a romantic date – Elvion offers it all. At the landing point you are given a notecard with sim-rules, though the list may seem long, most of it is just common sense!

Elvion is an Adult rated location and while it is not forbidden to have sex, you are requested to keep it a bit discrete. It is also not allowed to run around naked, it is not a nudist sim. Fair enough!

Elvion is simply beautiful, not overly stuffed with buildings or decor, and really worth a visit!

Elvion - I - Blogpost

For those who want to rez props for photoshoots, you can join the landgroup for a L$ 500 fee. The money is used to support the sim, you can also leave a tip in the Elvion donation box as a token of appreciation!

Elvion - III - Blogpost

My pictures do not do Elvion justice, it is so much better ‘in the pixel’, so if you have some time: go have a look. Or two! You won’t be disappointed!


SLURL to Elvion
Elvion Flickr Group (please note all submitted images need to have the LM to Elvion in the description)

A view to a view


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