The Muse

Last year I have spent most of my SL time in cyberpunk themed sims, while busy with Stömol, the movie by Huckleberry Hax and to be fair…I kind of missed the fantasy side of Second Life every now and then. But, now the filming is done and Huck is busy with editting the movie together, I found myself exploring and even found a lovely fantasy themed place to hang out and get my fantasy-fix!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love cyberpunk and working on the movie was awesome; so expect some ‘behind the scenes’ blogposts about Stömol soon!

This weekend I explored The Muse (Adult), a fantasy-like place with some wonderfully detailed spot, and worth a visit!

The Muse - I - Blogpost

The Muse has a very easy to use teleport system, so if you don’t want to actually walk around, you can teleport from one spot to the other in a second. I’ve not used it, I found it more fun to explore the oldskool way!

The Muse - II - Blogpost

At The Muse you’ll find a lovely pond, a library, an Elven ballroom, a Gypsy lane, Nemo’s rest and an area which makes you feel like you are in outer space! So, lots to see and if you are in a romantic mood: there are intan dance machines, to make it a perfect place for a date!

SLurl to The Muse

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