** Little World **

After spending most of the evenings last week in quiet, countryside places with lots of nature and sea – last night it was time to go back to a city for some exploring.

“For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel like home.”

Unlike in real life, where I try to avoid cities as much as possible, I love big cities in Second Life! Specially when they are  detailed and filled with all kinds of corners and spots to discover, like Sofie Janic‘s new sim ** Little World **!

Little World - II - Blogpost

A city, or town, with a cool vibe – a little bit of cyberpunk-feel,  and some neat spots to sit and hang out with friends. Or in my case, with an animesh-dude who kept reading his newspaper, totally ignoring me. Rude!

SLurl to ** Little World **
** Little World ** Flickr group

Little World - I - Blogpost


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