Dear Nico – Gachaddiction

Hello dear readers! While I am on a well deserved vacation, my daily routine of doing nothing was abruptly disturbed.

My assistants back home got overwhelmed by a sudden stream of letters arriving, crying for help. And because I have no internet in my holiday home, after all I come her to relax and unwind, they flew/drove/ran/teleported to me with a pallet of printed emails and forum messages that apparently could not wait till my return in September.

You can probably guess what the panic is all about: the New Gacha Policy, issued by Linden Lab this week.

So I worked my way through the many cries for help and will give some sound advice, as always!

Since this is an exceptional issue that affects many Second Life residents, I could not pick just one letter but have selected the most asked questions and concerns, so excuse me for the unusual format and bear with me.


Ok. Get a grip. How about going to inworld stores, shopping events or…the Market Place and just buy your decorations? I know, I know….it’s a weird concept, but you may find it refreshing to purchase the items you actually want and, it gets better: for a normal price! Heck, when it comes to decorations you may even love the fact most normally purchased items are ‘copy’ so you only need to buy one pumpkin and put thousands of them in your garden!
Stop whining, try it. Oh, and stop it with the all caps. Seriously.

I am a creator and rely heavily on selling via Gacha machines. I think Linden Lab is making a big #$@! mistake and they can't be serious. I am going to keep my Gachas in my store, they can't ^&%%$! tell me what to do with my business!%#@!! Do you think you can put a link to my store on your blog, so people know where to find me?

Yeah, that is an excellent way of ruining your own business and if you persist in ‘doing what you want with your business’ you may not only lose all your hard work, but also your account.
Take a breather and put your energy in finding new ways to market your wares and sell them like most of Second Life’s creator have been doing for 18 years: in your store, on events and/or Marketplace.

My Second Life is now meaningless. I only came inworld to play the Gacha machines. The thrill of seeing a RARE entering my inventory after so many commons, is something I can't live without. HELP. Please, HELP

Right. You really have to find a new hobby. Or maybe just log off and don’t come back.

My SL wifey is so sad since she read the news about the gacha and she won't even come out of our Linden Home. We live in a wonderful Stilt home, the neighbours are bit weird and have loud parties every weekend, but our home looks super neat and I love to ride my bike in the neighbourhood. Well I did, till one day I ended up in the pool of the old Dutch dude a few streets away and now he has me blocked. I am thinking of organising a BBQ party for the whole sim, with beer and good music. You know, not the crap music I hear from the guys next door. Anyway I thought this would cheer up the missus, but when I suggested it she locked herself up in our bedroom and I have not seen her since. The last thing she shouted was 'Don't even think about using my RARE BBQ for your stupid party'.  This confused me, because she knows I do not even like my meat rare, but anyway my question is: do you know where I can get a good BBQ?


For those of you living under a prim rock, here some links to get you updated about what is going on with the Gacha:

The official Second Life blog on the New Gacha Policy

The Official Forum Thread on the New Gacha Policy
(this will take you a day or three to read, fulltime)

Do you need advice concerning your Second Life relationship, etiquette, manners, or style? Send me a letter via the contactform or drop a notecard inworld to my agent Caitlin Tobias and perhaps your issue will be published and solved!


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